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What was arguably the best record store on the East Coast closed their doors and went the way of the dinosaurs this month… Now, that’s not to say they “went extinct,” they’ve just evolved into something different.

It would seem that Dom & Co have packed their [gig]bags, thrown synthesizers over their shoulders, and headed West. With that, my favorite stop in The Bowery has shut their doors and become (for the time being?) an exclusively web-based store; one which will reportedly be based out of LA soon.

My friend (and brother) Andrew Aircraft introduced me to Hospital by way of various gifts brought home from tour and/or vacations over a year or so before he and I trucked it to NYC one cold January and spent our entire day (literally, from 7 am until 5 pm) cruising NYC looking for good music, and occasionally places to sit down or get warm. The majority of our time and money was spent in Hospital, the last record store either us has ever walked into and thought (in Andrew’s, not mine) “What IS all this stuff?” A feeling that has evaded me for so long I failed to recognize how long ago I became bored by seeing the same fare litter the shelves of every record shop I stopped into. Here I got my first Werewolf Jerusalem and Burning Star Corps albums. I was introduced to Carlos Giffoni and M.B. I finally “got” what the fuck Akitsa were doing thanks to this store and the label that ran it. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I know the store had an even more regular impact on friends of mine, artists I enjoy, and obviously NY residents, but nonetheless, now where am I going to get Custodian tapes when (against my better judgement,) I go to New York to see reunion shows and foreign bands that would never come to VA? I don’t know anyplace else within driving distance where I can stand on a chair next to a wall of cassettes and feel like I did the first time I walked into one of the less awesome record shops around here that I’ve eventually picked over to the point of irrelevance.

Obviously Dom is still an active part of the noise scene, and the label will no doubt continue to grow with Cold Cave and Prurient’s recent popularity, but I’ll miss the shop, and both eagerly await whatever will grow to fill its shoes, and attempt to do so as best I can myself.

(Source: hospitalproductions.net)

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